Flexible Cable
Flexible cables are cables specially designed to cope with the tight bending radii and physical stress associated with moving applications , our Flexible cables can be divided into two types PVC insulated flexible cable and rubber insulated flexible cable .

American styles (PVC insulated cables)
600V rated types :ST  STO  STW
300V rated types :SVT  SVT  SJTO  SJTW  SJTOW
300V rated flat types :NISPT-1  NISPT-2  SPT-1  SPT-2  SPT-3  SPT-1W  SPT-2W

American styles (Rubber insulated cables)
600V rated types :SO  SOW  SOOW
300V rated types :SV  SVO  SJ  SJOW  SJOOW
300V rated flat types :HPN , HPN-R

European styles (PVC insulated cables)

300/500V rated types:H05VV-F , H05VVH2-F
300/300V rated types:H03VV-F , H03VVH2-F

European styles (Rubber insulated cables)
450/750V rated types:H07RN-F, H07RN8-F
300/500V rated types:H05RR-F,  H05RN-F , H05RNH2-F, H05BB-F, H05GG-F, H05BQ-F
300V/300V rated types :H03RN-F , H03RT-H

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